Course History

Limpsfield Chart Golf Club (LCGC) was formed in 1889. At that time the members of the LCGC gave the "villagers" every facility and opportunity for playing golf.

The villagers competition

The first game between the LCGC and the villagers was played in 1895.
The fixture was played on Boxing Day each year. This match is still played today (not on Boxing Day), however, in 1908 the Gresham Artisan Golf club was formed. It is from the Leweson Gower family name "Gresham" that the artisan club derived its title. The Leweson Gower family at the time lived at Titsey Place and owned the land on which the golf course was created.

Artisan history

The club is proud of being one of the original members of the Artisan Golfers Association (AGA) at an inaugural meeting at the Andersons Hotel London in 1920.

Gresham professionals

It is worth noting that no fewer than 9 members of the Gresham advanced to become professional golfers.